About Me

I grew up reading books.  Lots of them. I was a homeschooled child whose mother was also a bookworm growing up. She taught my brother and I to read, resulting in the love for writing–even if it were simple short stories written and illustrated on folded pieces of lined paper.

I have since graduated from writing on notebook paper to typing my work on a laptop. I enjoy writing faith-based blog and newspaper articles, and am a self-published author of novels, devotionals, and nonfiction books.

As a Bible school graduate and licensed minister, I have served in my church for many years. I enjoy teaching from the pulpit and have gone on international missions trips. Teaching God’s Word is a joy right next to writing books.

But most of all, I love spending time with my husband Michael and daughter Amaris in our home in the Texas Panhandle. God has blessed me, and I pray He uses my writing to bless you as well!