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Thousands struggle to find their identity and value while living in a culture that says they’re not enough. But in a world of unrealistic demands and ever-changing standards, you can know and believe your Creator’s truth above all the lies.

In Your ID, you will discover how to:

  • accept the love of your Creator
  • appreciate the person you were created to be
  • overcome shame and a sense of inferiority
  • recover from other’s hurtful words and actions

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Need hope as you struggle though life’s problems? Looking for something to keep your head above water? What if you weren’t alone in the chaos and trauma of broken relationships, health problems, and financial crisis?

A Bible school graduate and licensed minister, Christa Madrid knows well what it’s like to stand by faith in the middle of life’s challenges. Using personal experience and biblical insights, she shows you how to fight the good fight of faith with God on your side.

In You Stand, you will learn how to:

  • have confidence in who you are in Christ
  • use God’s Word as your greatest weapon
  • operate in God’s supernatural strength
  • choose love and praise over bitterness and fear
  • remain standing until you see the victory

God has a plan to see you rise in victory. No matter what attack you may be facing, you will learn how to live victoriously by standing in faith in God’s unfailing Word and strengthen your faith to receive the success that belongs to you!

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I'll Find Him with You - 3D (1)

Are you single but desire to be married? Frustrated because marriage seems so far out of reach? Have you been disillusioned by past relationships and doubt that you could ever experience true love?

If this reflects your heart, this book is for you. A Bible school graduate and licensed minister, Christa Madrid walked through a lengthy singleness journey herself and understands how challenging it can be. Through her personal insights and experiences, she shows you how to navigate singleness God’s way—and keep your peace at the same time.

In I’ll Find Him with You you will discover how to:

  • surrender your desire for romance to Jesus
  • understand what true love is
  • attract and choose the right man
  • love the man before you meet him

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Confessions of a Princess is an inspirational 7-day devotional containing a list of Scriptures to strengthen all young women.  Young girls and teens will start their day right, feeling and believing that they are God’s Princess!

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Bound by Love Cover 3

Years of slavery had stripped Brandy of all joy and hope for freedom.  The definition of love had been contorted into little more than a physical gesture. She no longer held her head high with Spanish pride, but bowed it beneath the weight of shame.  One day, however, against the backdrop of a Jamaican auction square, her life changes forever in the hands of an Englishman and his son.  A love is extended, far beyond human comprehension, to melt the hurt and pain. This is a story of redemption.

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VP Cover 2 Kindle

Athalie LeBlanc yearns for a godly husband, but the choices in her tiny French mountain village seem to deny her of the dream’s reality. Just as frustrated with the selection of young women around him, the prince of France struggles with his desire for a woman of virtue. Will the two find the peace they desire, and the fulfillment of God’s promise? This short story, based on Proverbs 31, is a love story declaring the faithfulness of God’s promise to those who follow the principles of virtue.

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Under His Wings Cover 2.jpg

The decision to help St. Mary’s Orphanage completely alters Marianne Lewis’ plans for the summer. Leaving behind her friends’ complaints and her family’s planned trip to New York, she plunges eagerly into the work ahead. With her compassion for children, Marianne soon becomes well-loved among the orphans, and begins to win the bitter heart of the orphanage’s elderly matron. Little did she know the trials she would face by making such a sacrifice. Will her faith sustain her when tragedy and sorrow strike the orphanage? Could she learn to place her whole trust under the wings of her Heavenly Father to guide and protect her?

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Faye Morrison knew what it was like to be a missionary’s daughter.  She had lived in Brazil as a child, following her parents’ footsteps as they reached out to the destitute of the Brazilian jungles.  But as hardship forced her move back to the Colorado Rockies, her faith was challenged.  Slowly her missions background began to fade into oblivion.  The false pleasure enjoyed by her friends soon lured her away from the call of her youth.  Enamored by the lifestyle of glamorous selfishness, Faye found herself running from her God.  Recognizing her plight, her family–including her dear Uncle Otis–made effort to draw her back to the fold.  Will the love that called her home be enough to rescue her before her faith is gone forever?

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