“Jesus, Our First Love” on Living Royalty


It’s possible to be zealous for a cause but have no love for the Creator of the cause. It’s possible to worship, yet our hearts be far from the One we’re worshiping. It’s possible to get so caught up in our service and conviction for right that we slowly leave what matters most to God—our love for Jesus.”

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“More Precious Than Gold” on Living Royalty


We often consider the Bible as simply a book, pages with letters and numbers. It sits on our coffee tables and beside our beds, only occasionally opened.  And when we do open it, it’s to glance through a few verses while our minds wonder to life’s more pressing priorities. It might get a little of our attention once or twice a week at church, while our hearts are more loyal and attentive elsewhere. Sadly, we’ve forgotten that it’s so much more than a book. It’s a Person whose name is Jesus.

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“I’ll Find Him with You” Book Launch!

I'll Find Him with You - 3D

My book, I’ll Find Him with You is now available! You can purchase the softcover for $13.99 and the Kindle for $3.49 on Amazon. Get your copy here!

You will get:

  • 200 pages of insight and encouragement
  • Song lyric written by yours truly
  • Verses and prayers to help your journey
  • My marriage testimony

You will learn how to:

  • put God’s dream first
  • surrender your desire for romance to Jesus
  • understand what true love is
  • attract and choose the right man
  • set your standards for romantic relationships
  • love the an before you meet him

If you purchase this book, enjoy it, or have a testimony on how it has helped you or someone else, I would love to hear from you!

Bless you!

Christa Madrid

“Why It’s God’s Will to Heal Me” on Living Royalty


Have you ever battled a sickness and weren’t quite sure if it was God’s will to heal you? We find God’s will for every situation from His Word, the Bible. Check out this blog article for a list of reasons why it is God’s irrefutable will that you be well and whole! I encourage you to study these verses until the truth of God’s Word gets deep into your heart, and you can stand confidently, trusting God with your health!

New Book Release!

I'll Find Him with You - 3D

I am excited to announce the release of my new book, I’ll Find Him with You, for single women who desire to be married! It will be available in April, so stay tuned!

Step by step, you will learn how to:

  • put God’s dream first
  • surrender your desire for romance to Jesus
  • understand what true love is
  • attract and choose the right man
  • set your standards for romantic relationships
  • love the man before you meet him

“Running to Win” on Living Royalty


Do you feel like your life is a grueling marathon?  A sprint that’s draining you of energy and spirit? Or maybe a soft run but with lots of distractions?

“Life holds many races. Our ultimate race is to make it to heaven, but there are other races to run. It could be a race to receive healing in our bodies, recovery for our marriages, or provision for our homes. It could be as simple as obeying God every time He gives us an instruction. Each challenge or goal must be run with faith in God.”

If you need inspiration and guidance to run your life’s race, take a moment to read my latest blog article, “Running to Win.” God wants you to make it to the finish line!

“New Seasons” on Living Royalty


Have you reached a season in your life and it makes you feel uncomfortable? You don’t know where God’s taking you, and you’d rather stay in your comfort zone?

“When God brings us into a new season (job change, marriage, parenthood, spiritual growth, etc.), He asks us to forget about the things in our past.  Why? Because if we’re clinging to our past, our focus is going to be there.  And wherever our focus is, that’s where we’re going to stay. We won’t reach the new destination God has for us. We may not even realize what God is doing, much less receive the blessings that comes with it.”

If this describes you, please take a moment to read the rest of the latest article on my Living Royalty blog, “New Seasons“! God has something incredible in store for you!



“The Garment of Praise” on Living Royalty


If you’re struggling with life’s problems today, I encourage you to take a moment to read my latest blog article on Living Royalty!

“We all experience challenges in our lives.  We’ve known sickness, financial lack, broken relationships, disappointments, and even the death of loved ones.  As a result, we have had many opportunities to feel sad, discouraged, and depressed. Like a wet and ratty bathrobe, those feelings and emotions may cling to us, reminding us daily of our problems.

God, however, doesn’t want us weighed down with our pain and disappointments. It robs us of our joy and peace and hinders us from fulfilling His call on our lives. He wants us free.

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