“More Precious Than Gold” on Living Royalty


We often consider the Bible as simply a book, pages with letters and numbers. It sits on our coffee tables and beside our beds, only occasionally opened.  And when we do open it, it’s to glance through a few verses while our minds wonder to life’s more pressing priorities. It might get a little of our attention once or twice a week at church, while our hearts are more loyal and attentive elsewhere. Sadly, we’ve forgotten that it’s so much more than a book. It’s a Person whose name is Jesus.

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“Running to Win” on Living Royalty


Do you feel like your life is a grueling marathon?  A sprint that’s draining you of energy and spirit? Or maybe a soft run but with lots of distractions?

“Life holds many races. Our ultimate race is to make it to heaven, but there are other races to run. It could be a race to receive healing in our bodies, recovery for our marriages, or provision for our homes. It could be as simple as obeying God every time He gives us an instruction. Each challenge or goal must be run with faith in God.”

If you need inspiration and guidance to run your life’s race, take a moment to read my latest blog article, “Running to Win.” God wants you to make it to the finish line!